Property Law in New South Wales

Janice Gray, Heather J. Roberts, Neil Foster, Shaunnagh Dorsett

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Real Property

Moore, Geoffrey

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Property Law in NSW, 3rd Edition

Dorsett, S

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Property Law in New South Wales

Janice Gray, Heather J. Roberts, Neil Foster, Shaunnagh Dorsett

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Property Law in NSW, 3rd Edition

Dorsett, S

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Sale of Land

Diane Skapinker

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Pearson Law Briefs Property Law


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Real Property Law

Samantha Hepburn

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Land Law

Peter Butt

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Property Law

Michael Stuckey, Gerard Charles Kelly

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Exam notes

1. Indefeasibility and exceptions 2. Formalities, priorities and caveats, s 43A 3. Mortgage 4....

34 pages, 12332 words


These are the scaffolds I used in the exam to get an overall mark of 82% in the subject. They can de...

37 pages, 12155 words

HD Real Property Notes + Scaffolds (Optimised for Take Home Exams!)

Notes Optimised for exams and assessments! Bookmarks prepared and all links are embedded. Click t...

33 pages, 12426 words


These were AMAZING for the exam. Problem questions on topics: - Torrens Title - Mortgages - Eas...

25 pages, 11844 words


These notes have helped me score an overall mark of 80 for the subject, where by using these notes i...

67 pages, 30100 words

Complete High Distinction Notes (86) for Real Property - For Final Exam

The notes cover topics examinable in the final exam: - Indefeasibility and Exception - Prioritie...

70 pages, 35000 words

70317: Real Property - Answering Final Exam Problem Questions

- A concise set of final exam notes. - Clear guide to answering problem questions. - Includes re...

33 pages, 13405 words

70317 - HD (86%) REAL PROP NOTES

ALL YOU NEED Topics: - Formalities - Co-Ownership - Mortgages - Easements - Covenants...

41 pages, 21717 words

Comprehensive HD Standard Real Property Notes (from ex-U:PASS Leader!)

I first prepared these notes when I studied the subject using a combination of the lecture notes, th...

104 pages, 32837 words

Real Property Law Notes (Entire Course Summarised)

Concise summary of entire course content. Includes a table of contents to easily find topics in the...

87 pages, 27752 words


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horribly structured unit, hard exam and hard tutorials, I just passed with a lot of work done

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2021


Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

What a joke of a subject. Very clearly a money making scheme with a ridiculously high fail rate with a purposeful reason. Coordinator clearly an egomaniac who wants to feel more intelligent by being unempathetically harsh in marking. The course content should not be any more difficult than Constitutional or Administrative law, and yet more students are failing due to the poor structure and teaching in this subject. Lecture slides are overly abbreviated to the point where they're unreadable. Such a big emphasis on purchasing the coordinator's book to generate further income for herself (very inappropriate). Told "you will not pass" unless you refer to her text. She also goes to the length of figuring out who has and has not purchased her text by using a question from her text book in the exam. Don't bother expressing your concerns to other faculty staff, as they will defend Professor Dorsett's poor teaching 'ethic'. Also, don't bother scheduling an appointment to meet and discuss any marks u are concerned with, as this will be held against you and I can guarantee your marks will drop even further. Professor Dorsett also hints that students who contest marks are worse off. Extremely communist in the way this subject is taught. If possible - I advised future students too look into cross-faculty studying. Do not give this subject your money if you can avoid it, as I guarantee 80% of students will be forced to re-do it unjustly.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2018

Real Property was THE MOST stressful and THE MOST difficult subject I've done so far throughout my law degree. Firstly, the lecture slides are extremely difficult to comprehend so it is HIGHLY advised that you attend EVERY LECTURE IN PERSON. Your lecturer will explain everything in the lectures and you will 100% NOT PASS if you think you can just read through the lecture slides and get away with it. Secondly, you have weekly tutorial problem questions you have to complete. THIS IS MARKED EXTREMELY HARSHLY. One small error, and you'll be given a deduction. Make sure you do these tutorial problem questions COMPREHENSIVELY and to the best of your ability, because in the end, your marks will add up. It didn't help that my tutor was absolutely terrible and made no effort to ensure that we were on the right track. We literally spent 3/4 of our tutorial time "discussing" it amongst our tables, despite the fact that none of us knew the correct answer. This needs to be addressed ASAP because it was such a waste of time. Thirdly, the problem question assignment is marked VERY HARSHLY. Many of my friends in this subject received 50-60% for the assignment. Make sure you do this well by READING ALL THE CASES (not case summaries on the internet, but actually looking at the case and figuring out what the ratio is) and APPLYING IT to the assignment's facts. The final exam was difficult, but not too difficult, as by that time, I had understood how to answer the exam questions. This was greatly aided by reading the asterixed cases (the important ones) carefully. Turns out many of the asterixed cases were alluded to in the exam. The teachers in this subject are very harsh and precise, so it is strongly recommended you spend the most time on this subject for the semester. Also, using other people's notes WILL NOT HELP with this course, as often they do not explain how you are supposed to answer the question in assignment and exam conditions. Instead, go to your lectures, read the textbook and do practice questions.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

I have a deep and humble respect for this subject. Make sure you ace the assignment and tutorials, as they’ll put you in good stead for the exam. I have to be honest though, although I passed, I still don’t know what an estate in fee simple is. Learn the basics and study on weekends. Read the textbook when you do your toilet rituals each morning. This course is no joke.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

A very technical subject but very structured. you cannot miss a lecture or tutorial. Marking in the assignment is very strict so you have to be very mindful of the language used by lecturer/tutor and incorporate it in your answers. I highly recommend buying at least decent notes here for guidance. (PS you dont need the expensive overly detailed ones that are just rehash of all the slides and textbook. just the condensed but comprehensive ones will do) They are helpful for exams as well so you will not cram in making notes.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2017

Very clear and structured course, with laws that make sense and tutors/lecturers who are very helpful.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2016

Very harsh marking and onerous weekly submissions for 2 marks you have to write 200-2000 words whilst juggling 2-3 other Law subjects requirements plus lectures and tutes are spread across the whole week so you are attending 3-4 days for this one subject. Final exam was a very complex set of problems with multiple parts which should really be set as take-home assessments and not for 2-hours exam situation. Obvious the examiners and markers forget this is a Core low level undergrad subject for most students and not a PhD thesis with time on the students' plate. Even as a postgrad student, I struggled and I understand there was a very high fail rate. Maybe it's now just revenue-raising as it means those students have to re-enrol and pay the $3850-4500 for the same class again. What a rort!!

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2017

Harsh marking and complex assignment introduced at the beginning of the semester before you've had a chance to sink your teeth into the content. The only relief is that real property laws rarely change so old notes will suffice with bare minimum tweaks. Get into a good tutorial.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2017

The content was heavy but once you have a grasp of it - it becomes somewhat easy to understand. UPASS is available for this course and it is recommended.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2016