Chemistry: The Central Science

Brown, LeMay, Langford, Sagatys, George

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Steven E.. Bottle, Siegbert Schmid

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The Prentice-Hall Molecular Model Set for General and Organic Chemistry

Prentice-Hall, Inc. Staff

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Physical Chemistry study notes

Written by Britany

Topics include: acid- base chemistry solubility Kinetics Thermochemistry Electrochemistry N...

21 pages, 7386 words

Organic Chemistry Final Exam Complete Notes

Written by Lauren

Left study to the last minute? No problem. At almost 30 pages long, these notes are concise yet deta...

28 pages, 3502 words

Chemistry 2 Summaries

Written by Jaiden

Clear, Concise notes for Chemistry 2 containing all necessary information needed for the subject.

23 pages, 2868 words

Dean's Merit List HD Chemistry 2 Notes

Written by Sam

I'm a HD average student studying Medical Science and Business Extensive physical and organic ch...

88 pages, 11933 words

Chemistry 2

Written by Steph

Summaries of all the Chemistry 2 lectures, complete with diagrams and examples to simplify complex c...

14 pages, 2731 words


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Lots of content- but for any student that did chemistry in high school- this is the first taste of university- level chemistry.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2018

It's very challenging if you haven't done chemistry before and didn't do well in chem 1.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

Awesome subject! A lot of content, I recommend studying daily and doing the prelab material. Also, read the material and lecture slides before actually going to the lectures in order to understand all the information.

Anonymous, Summer session, 2017

mostly intro of organic chemistry and a bit of physical chem; not tricky :-)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

interesting and quite challenging for those who enjoy chemistry

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014