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I'm a UTS student studying Science.


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John Arnold
Hey fellow UTS student! I am currently a PhD candidate, and throughout my undergrad I finished with a WAM of 87. Pretty cool, right! And I believe you can get them too, with dedication, effort, and support from a tutor like me! As a tutor, I believe in allowing my students to discover the answer themselves whilst I facilitate the learning process. As such, I break down questions, ask supporting questions teach different techniques and strategies, and so on. I give the final answer in the end, showing the steps as to how I got to the solution. My preferred tutoring spots are in and around UTS, especially at the Library. However, I can also do Zoom study sessions, if that is your preference. If you would like to contact me I am also available at johnae[dot]ambay[at]gmail[dot]com My grades from undergrad: 33290 Statistics and Mathematics for Science 88 HD 65213 Chemistry 2 [Advanced] 91 HD 68201 Physics in Action 94 HD 91400 Human Anatomy and Physiology 81 D 33190 Mathematical Modelling for Science 95 HD 60001 Principles of Scientific Practice 85 HD 65111 Chemistry 1 90 HD 68101 Foundations of Physics 87 HD 68202 Medical Imaging Technology 84 D 68606 Solid-state Science and Nanodevices 93 HD 60705 Science Internship B (12cp) 93 HD 68315 Imaging Science 87 HD 68413 Quantum Physics 85 HD 91140 Bionanotechnology 88 HD 91239 Human Pathophysiology 82 D 33360 Mathematics for Physical Science 81 D 68203 Biomedical Physics Methodology 82 D 68316 Applied Electronics and Interfacing 75 D 91161 Cell Biology and Genetics 83 D 60703 Science Internship A (12cp) 89 HD


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