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Written by Shanice

Extensive textbook & lecture notes! Helped me get a HD. Notes are edited and formatted, and can be...

30 pages, 5141 words

UTS 24224 HD Pricing Note

Written by Al

This note has concluded all lectures in detailed, and with some samples. It has included: Lecture...

31 pages, 5045 words

UTS 24224 - Pricing Strategies & Tactics - Subject Notes (All Topics & All Subject Materials)

Written by Simon

These notes are a comprehensive summary of all the content covered in this subject. They include exa...

23 pages, 8711 words

Concise HD Pricing Strategies and Tactics Notes

Written by Tim

Extensive Pricing Strategies and Tactics notes compiled from both the textbook and lecture slides th...

66 pages, 8862 words

24224 Pricing Strategies and Tactics HD Notes

Written by Sean

A concise summary of all information provided within the lectures as well as additional explanation...

20 pages, 4397 words

Pricing Strategies and Tactics notes

Written by Roger

Adaptation of lecture notes into a format I was more comfortable with. Also supported with informati...

43 pages, 10645 words


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John is super nice and the subject is useful

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