The New Lawyer

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Laying Down the Law

Catriona Cook, Robin Creyke, Robert Geddes, David Hamer, Tristan S. Taylor, Geoff Pryor

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The New Lawyer 1E+istudy Version 1 Registration Card

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Laying Down the Law

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Introduction to Law

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A good first subject to let future Law students get the feel of the broad course of Law. Really helpful in terms of letting students get used to the formatting of the course which is different compared to ones like Arts and Business

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014

This is a well intentioned compulsory unit for first year law students. It provides an insight into the legal profession and very generalised teachings about law. This unit also gives students their first attempt to try their hand at writing a law essay/brief. However, the broad nature of this unit means that while students will be taught about law, they aren't taught THE law in any area for another year. A lot of the more important skills are also gained in later years of the degree too. Thus while it provides an insight into the field of study, it retains little relevance and/or utility for future years of study of law.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2010