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Experienced Tutor || Guaranteed Results || Assignment Help and Exam Prep Expert || First Session FREE I first attended college at the University of New South Wales. My undergraduate education consisted of a Bachelor of Commerce/Arts with the three majors of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. I later obtained a law degree from the University of Queensland. I was picked from my class to tutor at two learning groups. These tutoring sessions taught me how to adjust the material for each individual student's level of learning. I try to make my tutoring lessons funny and to give positive feedback when I can for a student. I have learned that a person has a higher retention rate when they are amused by a subject. I like to teach writing and economics more than the rest of the subjects I have worked with. I believe a person can understand the basic founding principles of all societies if they have a good grasp of economics. I participate in the sports of trail running, hiking, bicycling, cross country skiing, and scuba diving. Other subjects I can tutor include reading, literature, philosophy, social studies, and science.



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