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LAWS3413/5113 Banking and Financial Instruments - High Distinction RECENT notes

Written by Sarah

Highly detailed and well-structured notes. Ideal for the short answer / multiple choice final exam a...

138 pages, 78203 words

High Distinction - Banking and Financial Instruments

Written by Charles

List of topics: Module 1 - Legal Supervision of Banks and ADIs Module 2 - Cheques, Payments and Co...

119 pages, 78203 words

LAWS 5113 Banking and Financial Instruments 87% HD detailed

Written by Spenser

The note provides a detailed account of the key materials covered in LAWS 5113 Banking and Financial...

45 pages, 22125 words

Banking and Financial Instruments Comprehensive Notes

Written by Joulain

- Extremely helpful summary of this unit - Covering legislation, cases and comments with clear layo...

125 pages, 74775 words


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One of the worse subject ever. Boring lectures with largely useless content. Covering Cheques and withdrawl slips and special wives equity that is clearly out of touch with today's commerical transactions. Bits and pieces of mortgages security and PPSA content all over the place. The course has no structure and the markings are way harsh.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020