Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory

George Williams, Sean Brennan, Andrew Lynch

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Australian Constitutional Law and Theory

Blackshield and Williams

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Public Law - Reading Materials

Sydney Law School

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Public Law Final Exam Notes

Comprehensive final exam notes for USyd Public Law (LAWS1021/5007). Includes key case summaries, sca...

26 pages, 10942 words

LAWS5007 & LAWS1021 Public Law Exam - Legislation and Answer Guide (HD)

HD STANDARD - Including legislation guide broken down into topics and instrument, with pinpoint refe...

70 pages, 24000 words

Public law HD notes and scaffold

This set of notes contains a well structured, succinct and exam-ready scaffold, and a very detailed...

168 pages, 93000 words


This note will help you with the problem questions discussed in class throughout the entire semester...

54 pages, 20938 words

LAWS5007 / LAWS1021 Public Law SCAFFOLDS

Comprehensive scaffolds for Public Law exam in an easy to follow table format. Includes: - Step b...

50 pages, 18307 words

Comprehensive & Clear Notes + Scaffolds, Entire Course!

This is a very dense subject, these will save your life! I worked all semester on these and hope som...

110 pages, 35445 words

Extremely Detailed Notes for Public Law -- 86D (For LAWS5007 & LAWS1021)

The notes follows the outline completely, very detailed, including all the facts and principles of e...

103 pages, 55211 words

LAWS5007 & LAWS1021 Public Law Exam - Ultimate Case Guide (HD)

HD STANDARD - Notes include: Case summaries with concise principles, followed by detailed case notes...

115 pages, 60000 words

PL notes - detailed and easy to follow

These Public International Law notes combines material from lectures and readings. The structure and...

108 pages, 63690 words

PL succinct (D) notes with scaffold

My notes consolidated three lecturers' content and provided you a clear exam scaffold at the end (wh...

58 pages, 38372 words


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