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Highly Detailed HD (85%) Real Property Notes

Written by Mariam

High Distinction Real Property notes, covering ALL topics from Semester 1 2019, including key cases...

71 pages, 42152 words

HD Real Property Final Exam Notes

Written by J

The only exam and scaffold notes you need to get a HD in Real Property (LAWS2017 and LAWS5012). Note...

40 pages, 24826 words

Real Property notes - detailed and easy to follow

Written by Ellie

Topic 1 Introduction and Fundamentals of Land Ownership Topic 2 Torrens Topic 3 Co-ownership Topi...

68 pages, 56687 words

LAWS2017 Real Property Final Exam Notes (D)

Written by R

Scaffold for the Mid Semester or Final Real Property Exam (LAWS2017/5012) to get you that D/HD mark....

28 pages, 10322 words

Real property

Written by Eric

Taught by Dr Scott Grattan Topics: 1. Introduction and Fundamentals of Land Ownership 2. Torren...

69 pages, 49033 words

Real Property Scaffold LAWS2017 LAWS5012

Written by Jane

This scaffold is made using 4 sets of high-quality notes and scaffolds, Butt's textbook, and also in...

50 pages, 19991 words

Final Exam Ready Scaffolds - Distinction

Written by Sam

The only scaffolds you need to bring in your exam. Topic 1: Introduction and Fundamentals of Land...

69 pages, 18279 words

Distinction Real Property (S2 2018)

Written by Ying

This comprehensive (and up-to-date) set of notes provides a detailed framework and guide to the Real...

56 pages, 35581 words

LAWS2017 LAWS5012 Distinction Real Property Notes

Written by Helen

Achieved a distinction with these detailed notes. Please only use these notes as a reference to c...

80 pages, 42863 words

LAWS2017 Real Property - Comprehensive Notes ALL Readings AND Problem Solving Scaffolds/Menus included; 85HD Final Exam, 83 Overall

Written by Sergio

Content dense notes! Covers all topics and includes all case readings as well as problem solving sca...

122 pages, 48201 words


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