Butt's Land Law

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Butt's Land Law

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Land Law

Peter Butt

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Butt's Land Law

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Butt's Land Law

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Butt's Land Law

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Land Law

Butt (Peter Butt)

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Butt's Land Law

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Land Law

Peter Butt

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An Introduction to Property Law in Australia

Robert Chambers

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Real Property Final Exam Notes

Written by Mariah

These notes are a product of 4 hours worth of lectures each week and a 2 hour seminar (spanning 12 w...

86 pages, 57400 words

Real Property - 80D Scaffolds + Notes

Written by CJ

High quality, content dense and common sense Real Property notes. Used these in the final exam. I li...

72 pages, 45849 words

LAWS2017 Real property Scaffolds

Written by Ruby

These scaffolds are useful for the exam and provide an easy-to-follow structure to respond to proble...

24 pages, 10667 words

Real Property - Comprehensive Course Notes (HD)

Written by Stephanie

These course notes for LAWS2017 Real Property are thorough and comprehensive, providing detailed exp...

86 pages, 25063 words

Real Property Exam Scaffolds

Written by Ellen

These notes were prepared initially for a mid-semester problem-question style exam, and then were ex...

34 pages, 15851 words


Written by Cali

Extremely detailed real property notes which contains tables and detailed notes. Perfect for problem...

117 pages, 49034 words

DISTINCTION Real Property Notes (LAWS2017 and LAWS5012)

Written by Ally

These notes are comprehensive yet succinct. They cover everything you need to achieve a fantastic ma...

76 pages, 48484 words

LAWS2017/5012 - Real Property

Written by Sophie

Full set of notes; includes detailed notes for all cases in the UoS and the textbook. Topics: - In...

129 pages, 69000 words

Property A Exam Notes

Written by Aleina

Breaks down each topic and displayed in a easy to understand/colour coded design ready for exams....

41 pages, 11264 words

LAWS2017 Real Property

Written by Rasheed

Detailed and comprehensive notes for Real Property - Useful for mid-sem and final exam - Provide...

36 pages, 16214 words


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