Butt's Land Law

Brendan Edgeworth

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Property Law in New South Wales

Janice Gray, Heather J. Roberts, Neil Foster, Shaunnagh Dorsett

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An Introduction to Property Law in Australia

Robert Chambers

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Butt's Land Law

For sale by Sophie for $100

Butt's Land Law

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Land Law

Butt (Peter Butt)

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Real Property Exam Scaffolds

Written by Ellen

These notes were prepared initially for a mid-semester problem-question style exam, and then were ex...

34 pages, 15851 words


Written by Matt

LAWS2017 Final Exam Summary Notes (Distinction) - SEMESTER 2, 2019. These notes concisely summari...

61 pages, 26924 words

LAWS2017 Real Property - Full Course Notes (Semester 2, 2018) (Distinction)

Written by Alice

These LAWS2017 notes are a compilation of class notes, textbook notes, and case readings. They are c...

125 pages, 62699 words


Written by Esther

Simple and easy to follow scaffolds to help you get through the final (80%) exam. Topics include:...

27 pages, 10586 words

LAWS2017 Real Property - Very comprehensive LATEST 2020 HD notes

Written by B

No need for book, taking notes during lectures etc. Everything should be contained here. I recomm...

265 pages, 102526 words

HD Real Property Scaffolds - Midsem and Final Exam

Written by Rhys

Condensed scaffolds with easy to follow steps for applying the law, and helpful for understanding ho...

77 pages, 25265 words

Distinction LAWS2017 Notes + Problem Question Answers

Written by Jack

These Real Property notes served me well in the initial assessment and final exam - overall helping...

148 pages, 63515 words


Written by Esther

Easy to understand and step by step scaffolds to easily gain marks in the mid semester exam. The exa...

14 pages, 5244 words

LAWS 2017 Real Property Notes + Tutorial Answer Guide

Written by Carissa

Complete notes that you can take in for your LAWS2017 mid-semester and final exams! Packed with...

111 pages, 60786 words

LAWS2017 REAL PROPERTY (83) FULL COURSE NOTES (All you need to read!)

Written by Esther

If you don't want to attend/can't make lectures, these notes are all you need! Topics include: 1...

137 pages, 66720 words


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The lecturers were really hit and miss, and the course is so oddly weighted towards the front end. The combination did not turn out well. Also, the content for the compulsory mid-sem is re-examinable in the final. RIP.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

I definitely found it helpful that they actually had tutorials in this subject, and the tutor that I had was very engaging and willing to answer student's questions. However the structure of the course and timing/format of the midsemester exam didn't seem well thought-out

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019