Investments and Portfolio Management

Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan J. Marcus

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CUST Invest. and Portfolio Mngmnt

Bodie / Ainsworth

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CUST Invest. and Portfolio Mngmnt

Bodie / Ainsworth

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Bodie, Zvi

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Bodie, Zvi

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CUST Invest. and Portfolio Mngmnt

Bodie / Ainsworth

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CUST Invest. and Portfolio Mngmnt

Bodie / Ainsworth

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Written by Thomas

These notes contain 'topic sprints' for all 11 topics in FINC3017. They are a concise summary of all...

13 pages, 5820 words

HD Notes for Finance IPM (FINC3017)

Written by Charles

Incredibly extensive and comprehensive notes from ALL lectures and tutorials, including content from...

72 pages, 18638 words

FINC3017 Investments and Portfolio Management COMPLETE NOTES

Written by Mary

High quality notes that clearly, concisely and comprehensively outline the entire FINC3017 course. C...

67 pages, 20585 words


Written by Ying

This condensed yet comprehensive reading summary covers all the examinable readings for FINC3017....

19 pages, 4969 words

Distinction: FINC3017 Detailed Notes on Readings

Written by James

These notes provide a comprehensive analysis on each of the literature readings examinable in the FI...

14 pages, 6687 words

FINC3017 HD Reading Summaries (Mark: 87)

Written by Danny

Concise summaries for all the assessable readings in FINC3017. If you've left your study til the...

22 pages, 6231 words

FINC3017 Investment Portfolio Management

Written by Samantha

Very detailed notes incorporating lecture notes, tutorials & the textbook. Including diagrams and wo...

66 pages, 24835 words

HD FINC3017 Notes (Mark 85) Semester 2 2017

Written by Duncan

All lecture weeks with additional readings summary included. Content: Week 1 - Introduction Wee...

70 pages, 17144 words

FINC3017 Complete notes

Written by Queenie

- Combines all lecture and reading material throughout the course - Highlights the important sectio...

42 pages, 8738 words

FINC3017 Investments and Portfolio Management (IPM) - Mark 93

Written by Bernard

FINC3017 Investments and Portfolio Management (IPM) - Mark 93

64 pages, 24859 words


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If you want to nicely consolidate all your finance knowledge with a very practical emphasis on portfolio analysis, take this unit. Structure is very clear and flows nicely. The lecturer was very professional and competent. Only major drawback is the low quality of the assignments. They hold almost no correlation with the lecture content and their feedback was ambiguous.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Andrew is one of the most inspiring lecturers at USYD - the course and teaching staff are incredible. One of my favorite finance subjects.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Loved This course

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014