Biochemistry: A Short Course

John L. Tymoczko, Jeremy M. Berg, Lubert Stryer

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BCMB2X01 Comprehensive Lecture and Practical Summary Notes

Written by Ben

BCMB2X01 is a really hard subject! There is SO much content (it used to be two subjects!), and somet...

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NEW BCMB2X01 HD Notes (Mark: 89) Part I

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Comprehensive set of BCMB2x01 notes that summaries the lecture and practical content for the NEW cou...

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NEW BCMB2X01 HD Notes (Mark: 89) Part II

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This is part II of NEW BCMB2X01 HD Notes (Mark: 89). Please purchase Part I first so you will have t...

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BCMB2901 Biochemistry Adv Complete Course Notes (High Distinction)

Written by Jonathan

These BCMB2901 notes include my raw personal lecture notes, laboratory examples, and textbook summar...

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In terms of quality, this unit is leagues ahead of any other. The content taught is super interesting and the teaching staff are All-Stars. All of the lecturers are knowledgeable, articulate, and engaging, and the content that they teach lay an essential foundation for the biomolecular sciences. The course content is detailed and tough at times but leaves plenty of things to be amazed at for anyone interested in the subject. The lecture series focuses on two modules: the central dogma of molecular biology, and metabolism, both of which are important processes in themselves and also serve as great case studies for some central Biochemistry concepts such as signal transduction, enzyme kinetics, and how biochemical processes are regulated. The staff understand that the course can get tough and so are very responsive on the class discussion board, have regular face-to-face consultation hours, and have experimented with the use of Peerwise to help students with understanding class concepts. The lab program is also good, focusing mainly on a few important molecular biology laboratory techniques. Many of these techniques rely on processes learnt during the lectures so the practicals are able to consolidate lecture content. BCMB2001 and BCMB2901 differ mainly in the laboratory program.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Very content heavy course by really good resources and Gareth makes the second of the course lecturers really enjoyable.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The content was really interesting, but combining two of the hardest subjects and cramming it into 13 weeks is unrealistic. The way the unit was run was disorganised at times and the amount of work expected of you, on top of all your other subjects was a joke.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Not a bad subject but attempts to combine two of the hardest subjects at usyd into one. Be prepared to study and do not fall behind.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018