Issues in Financial Accounting

HENDERSON PEIRSON (HERBOHN, ARTIACH & HOW.), Scott Henderson, Graham Peirson, Kathy Herbohn, Tracy Artiach, Bryan Howieson

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Issues in Financial Accounting

HENDERSON PEIRSON (HERBOHN, ARTIACH & HOW.), Scott Henderson, Graham Peirson, Kathy Herbohn, Tracy Artiach, Bryan Howieson

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Issues in Financial Accounting

Henderson, Pierson, Herbohn, Artiach, Howieson

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ACCT 3011 Binder


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ACCT3011 Reader


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ACCT3011 Reader (Sem1,2017)


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Customised version for ACCT3011 for 2015

Arthur, Luff & Keet

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Accounting for Corporate Combinations and Associations

The University of Sydney

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ACCT3011 Readings Pack

University of Sydney Copy Centre

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High Distinction notes for ACCT3011 Midsem

Written by Raymond

These notes enabled me to gain a High Distinction in the ACCT3011 midsemester exam. They cover a...

22 pages, 5809 words

ACCT3011 Course Notes - Ranked 2nd, Mark: 90

Written by Sue

A detailed and comprehensive summary of the entire ACCT3011 course, compiled from a range of sources...

107 pages, 50347 words

ACCT 3011 Notes Week 6-12 (Final)

Written by Alisa

These ACCT3011 notes includes all contents covered in Final.

55 pages, 14486 words

ACCT 3011 Notes Week 1-5 ( Mid-sem)

Written by Alisa

This note involves all contents covered in Mid-term exam, such as key pints in lecture, questions an...

33 pages, 8477 words

(HD- Rank 3rd) ACCT3011 Course Notes with detailed examples

Written by Amanda

I got 3rd place in my cohort with these notes! - Comprehensive summary of lecture content - Det...

76 pages, 32392 words

Complete ACCT3011 Notes - Distinction 79

Written by Alison

Complete & comprehensive ACCT3011 notes.

71 pages, 24172 words

Final notes

Written by Lin

This is a all round notes that lists all the typical transaction tested in the exam from week 3 to w...

22 pages, 4655 words

ACCT3011 Notes-Ranked 3rd, Distinction

Written by Carissa

I ranked 3rd in this unit of study. This notes is meant for final-exam preparations. Hence, the note...

114 pages, 31981 words

Financial Accounting B Complete Notes with examples

Written by Emily

Concise notes with comprehensive examples

77 pages, 21468 words


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Very useful content but quite difficult (probably the most) among all financial accounting courses. The course mainly focuses on consolidation. You do need strong understanding of journal entries, financial statements to see the link. Otherwise, you will be in trouble for the course.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Yep another good one

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

One of my favourite accounting units. Very practical in the professional services industry.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Interesting and useful content. Sometimes, the lecturers would go to fast to understand. The final exam was a good test of ability to understand content.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015