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Cover of Kozier 4e Fund Nursing_PK
Kozier 4e Fund Nursing_PK 978-1-4886-1364-7

Authors: Kozier/Erb/Levett-Jones

4 days ago
$40 Save 74%
Cover of Skills in Clinical Nursing
Skills in Clinical Nursing 978-1-4860-1197-1

Authors: Audrey Berman, Shirlee J. Snyder, Tracy Levett-Jones, Patricia Burton, Nikki Harvey

4 days ago
$40 Save 53%
Cover of Ethics, Law and Health Care
Ethics, Law and Health Care 978-1-352-00539-4

Authors: Fiona McDonald, Shih-Ning Then

4 days ago
$45 Save 45%
Cover of Yatdjuligin
Yatdjuligin 978-1-316-64217-7

Authors: Odette Best, Bronwyn Fredericks

4 days ago
$50 Save 39%
Cover of Principles of Pathophysiology
Principles of Pathophysiology 978-1-4886-1767-6

Authors: Shane Bullock, Majella Hales

5 days ago
$110 Save 24%
Cover of A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology
$35 Save 24%
Cover of Principles Biochem 7e (International Ed)
Principles Biochem 7e (International Ed) 978-1-319-10824-3

Authors: David Nelson, Michael M. Cox

5 days ago
$160 Save 18%
Cover of Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry 978-1-119-57098-1

Authors: David R. Klein

5 days ago
$110 Save 21%
Cover of Chemistry
Chemistry 978-0-17-668408-2

Authors: Peter Mahaffy, Roy Tasker, Bob Bucat, Paul Treichel, John C. Kotz, Gabriela C. Weaver, John E. McMurry

5 days ago
$130 Save 24%
Cover of Pharmaceutical Calculations
Pharmaceutical Calculations 978-1-4963-0071-3

Authors: Howard C. Ansel, Shelly Janet Prince Stockton

5 days ago
$90 Save 22%
Cover of Psychology
Psychology 978-0-7303-0468-5

Authors: Lorelle Burton, Drew Westen, Robin M. Kowalski

5 days ago
$80 Save 67%
Cover of Foundations for Practice in Occupational Therapy
$30 Save 55%
Cover of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Global Edition
$60 Save 54%
Cover of Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function
$70 Save 59%
Cover of Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences
Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences 978-0-7020-4194-5

Authors: Stephen Polgar, Shane A. Thomas

1 week ago
$20 Save 61%
Cover of Fundamentals of Chemistry (Custom Edition)
$50 Save 58%
Cover of Individual Determinants of Health and Human Behaviour (Custom Edition)
$50 Save 60%
Cover of A Guide to University Assessment
$20 Save 61%
Cover of Health, Illness And Wellbeing
Health, Illness And Wellbeing 978-0-19-557612-2

Authors: Liamputtong, Pranee

2 weeks ago
$40 Save 59%
Cover of Food
Food 978-0-85404-111-4

Authors: Tom P. Coultate

2 weeks ago
$40 Save 58%
Cover of Tourism Policy and Planning
Tourism Policy and Planning 978-1-138-49123-6

Authors: David L. Edgell, Sr., Jason R. Swanson

2 weeks ago
$40 Save 59%
Cover of Teaching
Teaching 978-1-74216-474-8

Authors: Peter Ferguson, Nicola Johnson, Sally Godinho, Amanda Keddie, Will Letts, Jenny MacKay, Michele McGill, Julianne Moss, Mike Nagel, Paul Nicholson, Melissa Vick

3 weeks ago
$30 Save 71%
Cover of Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 978-1-292-02223-9

Authors: John E. McMurry, Carl A. Hoeger, Virginia E. Peterson, David S. Ballantine

3 weeks ago
$40 Save 72%
Cover of Blueprints for Achievement in the Cooperative Classroom
Blueprints for Achievement in the Cooperative Classroom 978-1-57517-548-5

Authors: James Bellanca, Robin J. Fogarty

3 weeks ago
$30 Save 60%

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