Discovering Statistics Using SPSS 3ed

Field, Andy

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The lecturer is absolutely useless and rubbish. I approached the lecture to ask questions and was told to go away. Assignments are easy and exam paper is the same as past years - easy to score well in this subject. I got a HD regardless of the useless lectures and lecturer.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Lectures are hard to get through even when on ECHO360 recording, mainly due to 2 reasons; 1. The content presented is extremely dry (I understand there are people out there that may enjoy this subject and that is observation is mostly subjective to myself but I feel the majority feel the same). 2. The way it is presented by the lecturer (there was little to no enthusiasm and it appears as if they want to get through the content as fast as possible and voice was continuously monotone so if you do get through the content boredom the voice will kill you). Sometimes the amount of lab content (where your required to use a new software called JMP) given to you you will not be able to complete within the allocated time and the lab tutors are not the best source of information for your questions, they would answer in a very generalised way and then say something like " but i'm not 100% sure, so make sure to confirm this with the lecturer" (so you might as well ask the lecturer instead). The assignment content is harsh with some questions asking for information that was barely represented in the lecture material provided (e.g. there was a whole page question on content that was only represented in 3 slides this year). The final exam is semi-open now as you are restricted to a 2-sided A4 page as support material. Honestly, the only thing that I think got me through this subject was the recommended textbook. I apologise if this review seems like 'whinge', but I personally felt like other students attempting this subject should know what they are in for when they enrol in this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Difficult to understand. Professor G is beyond teaching undergrad. The 'open book' exam (60%) was a nightmare & my HD average dropped to a C. Assessments were complex >10pgs and only worth 8% ea. Doesn't use SPSS instead steps outside the norm & uses JMP where you are granted a license for the semester. the textbook is expensive and only applies to this particular software. I'm going to do another stats subject in the hope that I actually learn something other than to dread analytic statistics.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

The subject is honestly quite unfulfilling. The computer labs are more about solving the problems given to you rather than understanding the core concepts, it's a very self-driven subject as you are given little help. The upside of this is it should hopefully help you in deciding which statistical methods to apply to certain situations. Some of the assignment questions are also quite intense, I highly recommend you form a study group to tackle them. The lectures themselves start out fairly simple, then immediately switch to a more in-depth look into statistics. My overall advice for the subject: - The textbook is helpful, but not essential. - The final is open book, so take EVERYTHING you can. Past exams with worked solutions, your assignments, lecture notes... everything! - The lectures are difficult to sit through, but the notes will be useless without having seen someone walk through them... so go to them, or at least watch them on echo. - Work together in a small group if you can.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Dry & intense. Although very useful, this isn't the most engaging topic & Lectures/Labs didn't help much - they seemed to instil us with fear and confusion, rather than simplifying the concepts. Don't be fooled by the open book exam. I LOVED Statistics, was comfortable and confident with the concepts (except probability) & was sitting on a respectable 86 average but bombed aprox half of each answer in the final (worth 60% total) & ended up with a credit. Thursday and Friday evening lectures were not the best, either. Not for everyone.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015