Property Law in New South Wales

Janice Gray, Heather J. Roberts, Neil Foster, Shaunnagh Dorsett

For sale by Caitlin for $100

Property Law in NSW, 3rd Edition

Dorsett, S

For sale by Isabel for $50

Property Law in New South Wales

Brendan Edgeworth, Neil Foster, Scott Grattan

For sale by Lekha for $135

Property and Trusts A Final Exam Notes

Written by Emily

Topics include: - land fixtures chattels - native title - doctrine of tenure - adverse possessio...

95 pages, 46564 words

Distinction Level - LLB220 (Property and Trusts A) Notes

Written by Matt

These notes are a comprehensive summary and scaffold of the property and trusts A subject, which wer...

42 pages, 13366 words

Property Law and Trusts A Final Exam Notes

Written by Lucy

Comprehensive and thorough notes summarising all of the important topics from the lectures and textb...

25 pages, 18784 words

Detailed Property Law A Notes

Written by Emma

These notes are very detailed and hours of hard work went into making them. They cover all essential...

173 pages, 41668 words

Property and Trusts A Notes

Written by Chloe

Distinction Property and Trusts A Notes. Comprehensive notes organised by topic. Includes statute an...

60 pages, 15340 words


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LLB220 is a heavy content subject and it can be difficult to stay on top of it all. However, if you can manage the workload, it becomes a very interesting and enjoyable subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014