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ACCY112 - Accounting in Organisations Study Notes

Written by Rebecca

Comprehensive study notes based on lectures and the textbook Hogget et al. Topics include: LECT...

62 pages, 12192 words


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A good understanding of the material presented in ACCY111 will help you in this subject, which gradually adds more and more detail. This subject is well-organised, but the computer labs don't quite seem to fit well with the rest of the subject. Finding a good tutor in this subject early will help clear up any issues you might have with the material, and reduce frustration. Be warned though, the second half of the subject, and the mid-session exam, is quite intense, so try and form study groups (or attend PASS if available)!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

ACCY112 is - as it turns out - a straightforward subject which is at times made inexplicable due to its presentation. By the end of the subject diligent students will understand it completely, but those relying on clarity of teaching may unfortunately find certain sections difficult to grasp. This is compounded by an unfair mid-semester multiple choice examination composed of questions selected at random for each student. I got lucky and scored few calculation questions, and even the same question twice! My friend was not so fortunate and landed a string of calculation questions that resulted in a mark of under 50%. Fortunately the lecturer basically spells out the exact content of the final exam, question for question, so those with thorough notes on the more practical aspects of the course need only set a trial exam for themselves and work on their speed. Good marks can be scored in this subject if you fair well on the mid-term, but overall it was far more painful than it needed to be. My last tip: go to whatever lengths required to ensure you have a lucid, easy-to-understand tutor.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014