Fundamentals of Physics Extended

David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker

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Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern, Chapters 1-46

Raymond A. Serway, John W. Jewett, Jr.

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How to Solve Physics Problems

Daniel Oman, Robert Oman

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Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern, Chapters 1-46

Raymond A. Serway, John W. Jewett, Jr.

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Physics

Johnnie T. Dennis, Gary F. Moring

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Physics Principles Applications Pie


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Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Randall D. Knight

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PHYS1121 Notes

Written by Brian

Comprehensive notes for all lectures for topics: Motion. Thermal Physics, Waves and oscillatory mot...

8 pages, 1200 words

Distinction Physics 1A Course notes UNSW

Written by Arielle

Topics Include: - Mechanics - Thermal Physics - Waves and Oscillation

30 pages, 6336 words

PHYS1121 Notes

Written by Thomas

Summary and explanation of the key formulae and labs.

4278 pages, 20 words


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fairly easy to do well in, if you put in the effort, you can go to lectures if you want but the online lessons on moodle and physclips resources are much more effective.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Many find the course difficult and stressful, the online quizes make the course particularly difficult, however the content covered is very straightforward and with a little work, a HD is an easy goal.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

There is a lot of content to learn and does require a lot of work. Our end of course exam was also extremely hard and unlike anything we had done in the course. There was a lot on planets and gravitation which is only a minor aspect of the course and really an unnecessary component for the vast majority of people in the course whom do engineering.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

This subject was a hardcore subject. It kinda refines your HSC physics knowledge and need to learn the thermodynamics part. The only suggestion for students to pass this course is do the homework booklet and watch youtube videos + dont skip the problem solving classes.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014