MGMT3721 Negotiation Skills

Peter Sheldon

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Negotiations Skills

Peter Sheldon

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MGMT3721 Negotiation Skills

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MGMT3721 Negotiation Skills

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CUST Negotiation Skills

Hill Sheldon

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4th year Undergraduate Student for Bachelor of Commerce (International), major in management and mar...


A very enjoyable and practical unit. It's something that we can apply in real-life situations and has definitely improved my negotiation skills. However, the tutor is a bit harsh in marking the reports and provides little feedback on how to improve.

Anonymous, Term 1, 2019

Really interesting course, and by far the most hands on and practical in my commerce degree so far. Julian was great as a lecturer, really enthusiastic and interesting. Noa was a really good tutor as well! Easily one of the most enjoyable courses I have done, only gave 4 stars as the marking for some of the assessments seemed a little harsh (losing lots of marks for tiny errors and very general, sometimes unhelpful feedback).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017