Human Resource Management in Australia

Kramar, Robin

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MGMT2718 Course Notes

Course notes were taken from the prescribed textbook. Chapters Include: - Chapter 1: Introducin...

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Detailed HD MGMT2718 Notes

Detailed HD MGMT2718 notes that cover all 12 weeks of content ie. lectures, tutorials, TEXTBOOK chap...

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- very well structured and simple course with easy to follow moodle layout - easy but just heavy content. What you expect from a prelim-or entry lvl HR course, we look at health and safety regulations, remuneration, how to effectively organise human resource, etc - lecturer and tutor were really nice and awesome ppl as they were really punctual with presentation and handing back work - the course has only a handful of assessments so there is heavy weighting for each and therefore more pressure to do well at them. There should be less weighting/stress in future layout - few teamwork and team-based activities - good for if you wanna avoid the pull down of team mates. - we looked at article reviews ie age discrimination however tutorial materials seemed to be irrelevant to assignments at times. - CP not stressful due to nice tutor; but lecturer marks a bit harshly, given the poor cohort average. Nevertheless you get a bit of peer marking at the end which can potentially bring your grade up a bit. - finals seemed to be quite lecture-based, while textbook only served to enhance ur knowledge. Quite enjoyed the final; 2hrs seemed to be the perfect and fair challenging time - did average, wished i did better but given my effort it is what it is (76)

Anonymous, Term 2, 2021


Anonymous, Term 1, 2019

It was a great subject but the staff and assessments really let it down. The memos were very subjective and were hard to gain marks in. The MC was really easy though, and saved my mark. Having content from both the lecture and the textbook was a bit much IMO, the chapters often being long and some of the MC questions being quite specific.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

I've never seen a more disorganised and lazy lecturer in my life. This subject has turned me off Human Resources entirely, which is very unfortunate as the concepts discussed did look useful and interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016