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[HD Quality] Complete Reading and Lecture Notes

Written by Armando

This document contains completed reading summaries on all assigned and supplementary readings for th...

91 pages, 27209 words

HD (85) MGMT1002 Summary

Written by Bella

MGMT1002 Succinct set of summary notes for all lecture and tutorial content from MGMT1002, includin...

27 pages, 5837 words

MGMT1002 Notes - DIstinction

Written by Sandra

Topics: 1. Introduction to Organisational Behaviour 2. Personality and Individual Differences 3....

60 pages, 16330 words

MGMT1002 Comprehensive Notes! Easy DN!!

Written by Naomi

ALL LECTURE WEEKS COVERED FINAL EXAM NOTES Personality Attitudes Motivation Leadership Job...

38 pages, 7069 words


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4th year Undergraduate Student for Bachelor of Commerce (International), major in management and mar...


As a level 1 course, expectations and assessment are very harsh. Markers held report/essays to a high standard. This unit felt on par with most challenging level 3 courses.

Anonymous, Term 3, 2019

Appalling subject. Supposed to be a fairly easy subject. Harsh harsh UNFAIR marking. Lecturer is not clear in her own notes.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014