Consumer Behaviour

Quester et al

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Consumer Behaviour

Quester, Pascale

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Consumer Behaviour: Implications for Marketing Strategy

Quester, Pascale

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Consumer Behaviour: Implications for Marketing Strategy

Quester, Pascale

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High Distinction CB Notes

1. Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Strategy 2. Problem Recognition & Consumer Goals 3. Stimulus Per...

88 pages, 27328 words

HD Result Consumer Behaviour: Notes, Sample Exam Questions, Revised Articles, Quiz Answers and FULL Model

This is my compilation of EVERYTHING Consumer Behaviour for MARK2051. I achieved a 90 in this subjec...

76 pages, 23133 words

Consumer Behaviour (MARK2051) Course Notes

Notes taken from textbook Topics Included: - Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy - Proble...

62 pages, 28779 words

MARK 2051 (DISTINCTION) - Comprehensive & Understandable Notes

Comprehensive MARK 2051 notes with chapter-by-chapter headings. Each Chapter includes summarised inf...

38 pages, 5929 words

MARK2051 HD Quiz Notes

HD Notes for the 3x20% quizzes for MARK2051 Consumer Behaviour. Don't waste your time or money with...

29 pages, 12288 words

MARK2051 Consumer Behaviour Notes

Notes cover all topics from Weeks 1-13. Includes lecture notes, as well as notes from textbook readi...

92 pages, 20039 words


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Interesting class that shows how psychology is used in marketing to communicate with the consumer. Also showed how data and attitudes can be used to inform strategy.

Anonymous, Term 1, 2019

Fairly easy, interesting content that blends psychology and business, fun group assessment involving FMCG research and advisory, case studies do sometimes feel outdated/irrelevant to Australia

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Interesting, but has very little relevance to my design degree

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018