Principles of Contract Law

Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson

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Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

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LAWS1150 Principles of Private Law FULL DETAILED NOTES (89 pages including ALL cases and ALL ONLINE MODULE CONTENT - COLOUR CODED - HD 89 Trimester 3 2020)

This is a FULL SET of Principles of Private Laws notes from trimester 3 2020. I received a mark of 8...

89 pages, 50455 words

HD LAWS1150 notes (mark 86)

These are a very comprehensive set of notes that covers the entire course. Main topics Contract fo...

101 pages, 47771 words

LAWS1150 – Exam Frameworks for Problem Question - HD MARK

Structure: - Table format - Step by step problem question guide - Colour coded - 'Fill in the bl...

40 pages, 13504 words

Actual HD Private Law Notes w/ Class Participation + Exam take-in scaffold - [282 pages]

Contained is the most comprehensive set of LAWS1150 Private Law Notes you will foreseeably behold. 2...

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LAWS1150: CONTRACT LAW Contents Differences between the common law and equity Criticism of the c...

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HD - PPL FINAL EXAM NOTES (property law)

Principle of private law's final exam note. ALL content regarding PROPERTY.

26 pages, 16121 words


VERY DETAILED property notes SEE sample for contents.

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EVERYTHING you need for your mid-term assignment and finals! Contains condensed in-depth templates...

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HD- PPL -Exam Note(16 pages)

I got an HD in the final exam and two of my friends, based on this note, got a D. - Covered all the...

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LAWS1150 - COMPLETE HD (87) COURSE NOTES (With Contents page and ALL COURSE CASES) CONTENTS: 1....

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Anonymous, Term 3, 2019

good foundational course for property and contracts, though textbook for the contracts part felt like it was too much information with not enough focus on the application of the cases in problem questions. The content was interesting to read, although I noticed the class was focused quite a lot on discussion of the facts of each case, rather than the legal reasoning which I had to learn myself or ask again separately. Good course overall.

Anonymous, Term 3, 2019

Foundational course for contracts, equity and property law.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018