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Distinction Torts Case Notes

Written by Emma

These JURD7161 notes are crafted with an impeccable index that includes key word summaries. The case...

76 pages, 54748 words

Torts A - Z (Course and Exam Notes)

Written by Alexander

These JURD7161 notes are clear, precise and set out in a modern and easy to follow format. They i...

45 pages, 22000 words

Torts Study Notes

Written by Zach

Comprehensive and good.

126 pages, 49000 words

Tort law - exam note

Written by Chen

This is a great note, not only good for study, but for exam. It covers from breach of duty to damage...

20 pages, 8448 words

Torts Notes

Written by Electra

Concise exam notes examining breach of duty onwards. Examines and compares tests from both CLA and a...

43 pages, 12189 words

Torts Notes - High Distinction Quality

Written by Eros

Clear, complete and concise exam notes set out in an easy to use format including legal principles,...

38 pages, 13217 words


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