Multinational Business Finance

David K. Eiteman, Eiteman Daly Rath & Meher

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Multinational Financial Management

Alan C. Shapiro

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International Financial Management

Geert J. Bekaert, Robert J. Hodrick

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Everything you need to know to get a 96 (HD) in FINS3616

Hey guys, these notes include everything you need to know from content covered in the lecture, tutor...

38 pages, 9852 words

Concise FINS3616 International Business Finance HD notes (Term 2 2020)

Concise notes for FINS3616 International Business Finance for which I received a HD (85), used to st...

68 pages, 23161 words

FINS3616 - Comprehensive Notes with Lecture and Textbook Examples (HD)

These easy-to-understand notes cover materials from the lecture and the textbook (Second Edition - I...

51 pages, 29825 words

(HD: 88) FINS3616 Course notes + Homework answers

Contains: - Extensive notes for each textbook chapter used in the course, with full easy-to-unders...

77 pages, 18986 words

FINS3616 International Business Finance

Comprehensive course notes for FINS3616, including: - Succinct theoretical concepts - Necessary fo...

63 pages, 14312 words

*DEAN'S LIST* (HD) FINS3616 Final Review Notes

Final Score: 87/100 Concise notes inclusive of textbook, lecture and tutorial notes - examples, cha...

77 pages, 17046 words

FINS3616 Final Exam Notes (83, DISTINCTION)

Notes covering the ENTIRE FINS3616 final exam. Received a Distinction with a final mark of 83 for th...

16 pages, 5513 words

HD fins3616 Study Notes

Full course notes for FINS3616: International Business Finance. Completed Semester 1 2016. Final mar...

19 pages, 4689 words

1st in International Business Finance Comprehensive Exam Notes

These are the notes I prepared and used in the exam. They cover all the topics, both theory and calc...

30 pages, 14386 words

FINS3616 International Business Finance Complete Notes - S1 2016 - MARK = 79 D

Structured by the week by week topics of the FINS3616 course, these notes are largely based from the...

56 pages, 16104 words


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Bohui and Jaehoon make the course quite easy. You learn a lot about forex so keep your head clear when converting exchange rate. Concept-wise, not hard to understand at all. Tutorial questions/past exams are great sources to do well.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015