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This subject was alright. There are no lecture slides, but the contents are explained through long videos which I didn't like (prefer reading over watching somebody talk). Not very engaging and the group presentations were also terrible. Tutors monitor group discussions but don't do much when your group members don't reply to any of your messages. An interesting unit with many flaws.

Anonymous, Term 1, 2019

Although this course is part of the business school, it is not entirely business related. This is a good subject for business students who wants something different, or anyone else really who are passionate and interested in how to implement a change towards social change. We had four assignments - which involved a lot of writing (good idea to look at the course outline). It may vary, but my team was really nice and helpful and the lecturers was so lovely so i never felt stressed. I also believe that everyone's experience will differ depending on each's commitment and expectations towards the course. As a first year and being in my first semester, i struggled to keep up with all my courses. Thus i didn't exactly do all my lectures and readings in COMM1000, so i didn't get to experience it with my full potential. However looking back, it was a good subject that i did enjoy and i did quite well despite being in my first semester and lost. But that is only because i have a passion for social change. If you don't, i don't think you will enjoy it. There are definitely key learnings in this course that will definitely be fascinating for you if you do have a passion, in which you can take and implement further practically in real life! :D

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

It's not what I expected. Kind of wishy washy. There's no final exam but there's a lot of group work assessments. The whole course basically revolves around the social issue you pick in your group

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017