Financial Accounting

Ken Trotman, Elizabeth Carson, Michael Gibbins

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Financial Accounting Student Study Guide

Trotman, K.

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Financial Accounting: An Integrated Approach

Trotman, K.

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Financial Accounting: An Integrated Approach

Ken Trotman, Elizabeth Carson, Michael Gibbins

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Financial Accounting: An Integrated Approach

Trotman, K.

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Financial Accounting

Kenneth Thomas Trotman, Michael Gibbins

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Financial Accounting: An Integrated Approach

Ken Trotman

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Written by Jay

complete notes on entire ACCT1511 course from semester 2, 2018. Author received a high distinction,...

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Comprehensive notes on the entire ACCT1511 course from SEM 2 2018. Received a HD, 85. COVERS ALL T...

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Acct1511 final notes

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NOTE: Does NOT include weeks 7 & 8. I used lec notes + additional prac examples for these topics - L...

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ACCT1511 Accounting and Financial Management 1B | HD - High Distinction | Dean's List Notes

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These are a comprehensive summary of the entirety of the course. I have created the notes in a w...

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ACCT1511 Course Summary

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Comprehensive summary of ACCT1511 course content

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ACCT1511 Accounting and Financial Management 1B Comprehensive Notes - Mark = 78

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Consolidated personal comprehensive notes from lecture slides and textbook with examples and diagram...

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ACCT1511 HD CONDENSED NOTES Clear formatting, easy to read Has all necessary formulas Has examp...

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Fully comprehensive of all content covered in the course in an easy to understand topical format.

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HD ACCT1511 Notes (2016/2017) - Everything You Need For a HD!

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Includes: - ALL content from Lectures, Tutorials + Textbook (Newest Edition) - ALL relevant Diag...

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(HD: 94) ACCT1511 Course notes + Homework answers

Written by Antony

Contains: - Extensive notes for each textbook chapter used in the course, with full easy-to-unders...

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Much harder than accounting 1A mainly because of the qualitative components. If you like accounting, you will find this course interesting. Do the practice quizzes, many questions in the final exam are similar to those.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

A wonderful course where the lecturers and tutors really understand students and know how to teach them. Very enjoyable as long as you keep up to date with the work!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Requires a strong foundation in ACCT1501. You study those topics that you haven't done in ACCT1A. Half theory & half journal entries so you do need to have some basic business knowledge to do well. The exam is pretty tough so study consistently definitely helps.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2012

Not bad. Builds upon ACCT1501 content in a way that isn't dry (in most cases). If you have a good tutor that doesn't bore you also helps!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

On completion the first year accounting courses seek to develop: technical competence in recording economic events in the accounting system; a critical understanding of key technical terms and concepts so as to interpret accounting information and reports in the financial press; an ability to argue a reasoned position on key questions of accounting theory and practice; and familiarity with institutional structures that affect the practice of accounting. Topics covered in this course will include accounting for the major transactions cycles, cash, receivables, inventory, non-current assets and liabilities, cash flow statements, accounting policy choice, further detail on management accounting including costing systems and budgeting, corporate governance, and professional ethics.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Interesting subject that builds on 1A. A bit difficult to understand at times and requires more work. But still great.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014