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Neuroscience & The Mind (Complete Notes)

These notes cover: - Jason Forte's lectures - Simon Cropper's MCQs - Rob Hester's lectures It...

26 pages, 10050 words

Comprehensive H1 Neuroscience and the Mind Notes

Full notes from weeks 1 to 12 covering Jason's Forte's lectures on brain imaging techniques, face p...

44 pages, 24759 words

PSYC30018 - Complete subject notes!!

Comprehensive notes for each week derived from lectures, readings and tutorials. These notes got...

198 pages, 51339 words

Neuroscience and The Mind Exam Revision Questions

I created these revision questions as a way of preparing for the Neuroscience and the Mind exam....

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I'd say this was a decent subject! The content was spread a little unevenly throughout the subject. I found Jason's section to be quite dense, whereas Marta and Simon's were rather light. Jason was a great lecturer! He is incredibly concise and explains concepts very well in a matter-of-fact way. I admire how Marta only really gave us studies that were absolutely necessary. Simon is quite an interesting lecturer -- he doesn't put slides up before class, and the slides that he does upload have very few words. He also tends to circle the same topics and go on tangents at times. However, he does actually seem like a really cool person and his passion for what he teaches is infectious. The subject was not difficult per se, but it was jargon-y and required a considerable amount of memorisation. The assessments were fine. The mid-sem test was a 10-question multiple choice quiz which I found quite easy tbh. The exam was alright as well. It consisted of content from weeks 6-12, however many of the questions were super similar to others. It was almost as though there wasn't enough content to be assessed. Weirdly enough, I felt like there was much less to study for the exam (worth 50%) than the mid-semester test (worth 15%). Again, an issue of content spread imo. The tutorials were a bit blah. The kind where I come out not feeling as though they were useful. Some were slightly weird (debates, "journal clubs", repeats of lecture content). My tutor was great though:)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2024

Thought I would add a bit more of a recent take on this subject. If you're thinking that you might not do this subject because Jason's online lectures were really dry, think again! this was my main worry coming into this subject and Jason is a fantastic lecturer in person. All the other teaching staff are wonderful as well, especially Marta, you can tell just how passionate they are. The content is hard and times and can be a bit dry, especially in Jason's section, and can also be a little confusing (Simons section). The mid-semester test was quite difficult (i got a 75 but thought I would have gotten 85) but the lab report was pretty good (I got 83? I think), if you put in the effort you could get a good mark. The end of semester exam was a walk in the park, super easy as many of the questions answered each other. Overall I personally got the best mark I ever have, but I know a few people who were a bit more disappointed with their marks, so it was a mixed bag. This subject is still very content heavy and requires a lot of study, especially leading up to the exam. However, it is doable and I would suggest it to students who enjoyed and did well in biopsych in 2nd year. Overall, the topics are quite fascinating and the lecturers are wonderful at their job, very much enjoyed it!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Content was heavy! There was a lot to memorise and the assignments were marked harshly. Nonetheless, if you know it well, the exam is extremely doable and I would recommend this to anyone interested in neuropsychology

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Very interesting subject! We covered topics from face perception, number perception, color perception, executive functioning, emotion processing, to attentional processing. This subject gives you good insight about which part of the brain is involved in which functioning/processes. If you enjoy biological science, this subject is for you!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Great subject covering a wide variety of interesting studies in relation to Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology. Learn about the methods used in these fields such as TMS, fMRI, PET and EEG. Learn about how we process faces, numbers and colours. Learn about how the brain is related to addiction and other deficits.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Incredible subject. Definitely needs extra work put into understanding it. Ethics section regarding its use in the court room was such an interesting fact to consider.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this subject. There is no denying that the lecturers were all dynamic and passionate about their subjects and that translate when they teach. All in all this is an excellent subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014