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Includes course summary: - Useful theories for Developmental Psychology - DEVELOPMENTAL TASKS...

135 pages, 38055 words

PSYC30016 Lifespan H1 89 Notes

These notes cover the whole lifespan social and emotional development course comprehensively and in...

95 pages, 41085 words

H1 (87) course summary - Lifespan social and emotional development

These notes include a succinct summary of all lectures covered in the course and include images and...

76 pages, 14975 words

Social and Emotional Development Lecture Notes

This is the completed lecture notes for PSYC30016 Social and Emotional Development It is concise,...

71 pages, 13017 words

Social and Emotional Development lecture notes (88% H1)

My favourite topic in psychology is developmental psychology. This is demonstrated in my great marks...

40 pages, 17690 words

Practice MCQ

Included are over 300 MCQs written by me, drawing on lecture material and textbook material. These a...

127 pages, 30562 words


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I didn't really like this subject. The quizzes (10%) were basically a free 10%. However, the remaining 90% of assessment is reflective writing, which is not done in any other psychology subject. I found that the support given for reflective writing is somewhat lacking. This was particularly the case in the final exam (we were given the 8 exam questions beforehand, 3 would appear in the in-person, timed exam). In the final exam we were discouraged from using personal anecdotes which we were encouraged to do in the assignment. This left many people, including me extremely confused as to how we were supposed to write our final essays then. I liked only some of the lecture material, others focused too much on theory rather than peoples' experience which I didn't like. Overall, it's not a bad subject, just not that great.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

I loved this subject so much. Very interesting to see how things apply to different ages including into adulthood. The assignments were quite fair. I highly recommend this subject

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

AN AMAZING SUBJECT!! Many people said that this subject is hard and there's only a small chance of getting an H1, but those did not apply to me at all! I really enjoyed the lecture content (I had Abi, Benita, and Cindy as my lecturers), and Abi Brooker is the best!! The assignment was interesting as well. Personally, I like reflective-based assignment, and this type of assignment is given in the subject. The tutorials are fun and engaging. This is the subject that I like the most during the semester, and as a result I got H1 as my final mark. 100% recommended, especially if you love developmental psychology!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020