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I'll keep this short and sweet. Horrible subject. I enjoyed studying for the GAMSAT in Sem 1 2020 more than I did taking this subject last semester. Getting a high mark in this subject nearly broke me mentally, and there was no pride in seeing the mark on my screen. I was just glad it was over. Sticks out like a sore thumb against 2nd year Human Physiology, which in contrast is still the best subject I've ever taken at Melb Uni by a large, large margin. Only take this if its a prerequisite, and be prepared to pull more than just your own weight if you're aiming for any sort of postgraduate studies and need to maintain a high average.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Angelina was a good coordinator, but honestly I found this subject terrible (in the online form at least). There is a large workload (have to spend hrs on lab reports), and the workshops are very group-dependent: there were groups who had to stay behind for 30min-1hr because they couldn't finish the in-class tasks. I found that particularly towards the latter half, the emphasis is not on learning physiology but simply on writing a journal-style academic report. Most of the workshops we were stuck analysing data using computers. Not terribly interesting or engaging, and quite frustrating. Assessments are marked based on certain conventions - figures have to be this way, legends should show this, method should be like this. Note that a H1 is definitely achievable - it's just not a very fun experience. Would not recommend unless you have to.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Angelina is the best. Hard subject though - large workload, talk to students before commencing.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

This subject will really improve your understanding of scientific reports, graphs and statistical analysis. However, the workload in this subject is enormous. It doesn’t look like much in the handbook, but that’s because it’s mostly self-work, e.g. the final report was about 34 pages! The back to back post prac reports are really gruelling to do and need a full 3 days each at least. The final assignment was split up into drafts which are extremely helpful for feedback, but it was still a very large workload especially during exam time. I would only advise people to take this subject as a pre requisite just because the workload is so consuming and takes away time from other subjects. However, Angelina is a wonderful coordinator, always answering every question on the discussion board and replying to students’ emails. If you need an extension, don’t be afraid to ask her for help, she’s so kind and understanding! Finally, if you do take this subject, try and do it with a friend or two because you’ll really need the support of others during all of the assignments because they’re very demanding and not easy. Demonstrators were also lovely and gave really helpful feedback.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Took it because it was part of the major, quite interesting if you like research and assignment stuff but not really a subject for me. Lecturers and demonstrators are really considerate and friendly, subject is coordinated to help you and builds up to the final assignment (even though I didn't really do that well). But overall is a good subject!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

This has to be one of the most poorly coordinated subjects in all of BSc. The subject coordinator Angelina Fong is rude and so unorganised (literally delayed the release of an assignment because she fell behind in her lectures that she never finishes and so the ridiculous amount of assignments' due dates began clashing). There's no consistency in the marking and you don't get to see your percentage grades for any assignment until the release of results date. So you don't know whether you got 80 or 100% because you just see H1 (for e.g.). If you're after feedback for what you lost marks on, forget it because the markers make up arbitrary numbers depending on how much they like you. My friends and I received the worst grades we had for this subject. It's like taking on the workload of two subjects from which you gain no Physiology knowledge from. Maybe only some subjective knowledge on how to write reports on terribly deigned and convoluted experiments that produced expectedly terrible results (still a useless subject though). People who take this because they think it's an easy breadth beware, I think that stigma has gotten to Angelina so now she tries to take off marks for little to no reason and the final assignment is a joke. She expects second year students to write a report in the style of the Journal of Physiology. You won't understand how subjective of a request that is for an assignment until you have to do it. If you're going to hold post graduate international journal expectations from second year students at least provide students with an experiment that is of matching quality to those that are in international journals. Also, it does not coincide well with PHYS20008 because in this subject, my practical group (first of the week) had to practicals on topics we were goin to learn later in the week in PHYS20008. I'm not a trump supporter but god damn, these other reviews seem like fake news!!! Literally one of the reviews was from sem 1 2017 copy and pasted (word for word) and posted as a new review for sem 1 2018, with the 2017 version being deleted. My friends (all have 85+ WAMs) and were too scared to post reviews here because we're afraid the teachers may find out (taking a bullet for the team) so initailly we posted them through uniMelb Love Letters and none of them were ever posted on that too (other subjects get posted and ours weren't even that serious they were comical in nature). One reviewer said "Big assignment is incredibly time consuming and difficult in my humble opinion but they give you drafts for each section." Depending on the 'anonymous marker' you get my group found our drafts to be completely useless and sometimes even contradictory to what the subject coordinator taught us in her lectures. We also literally have screenshots of Angelina having deleted negative reviews and student complaints on Piazza too lol.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This subject was run really well and compliments PHYS20008 (Human Physiology) fantastically. It was one the first subjects where I felt I was actually learning how to “science” as opposed to passively learning and then reproducing facts for an exam. Overall very enjoyable and highly recommended for anyone who likes physiology.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Manageable, really good idea to do concurrently with human physiology. H1 achievable. I got H3 on the big assignment but still got H1 overall. Big assignment is incredibly time consuming and difficult in my humble opinion but they give you drafts for each section. In summary, do it but be meticulous in your answers for each question of the assignments and practical reports.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Just when I thought Charles' Human Phys PHYS20008 couldn't be beaten! This was an absolutely amazing course. I loved everyone in my group and so did my other friends who were placed in different groups. It is so well coordinated and you will always get a response for any questions you may have. You will definitely be in good hands with this one. Just put in the work and be as pedantic as possible with the prac report details.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

physiology subjects in general are very well run and organised, and this subject was done amazingly. mainly focuses on report writing in groups and your overall experience comes down to whether you work well with your group members or not.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017