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PATH30002 Comprehensive H1 92 Notes

These notes comprehensively and concisely cover content from practicals and pre prac tutorials in th...

12 pages, 5474 words

PATH30002: Techniques for Investigation of Disease Notes (H1:91%)

These notes helped me get an overall score of 91% (H1) in this subject with minimal effort. Subject...

130 pages, 9042 words


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I absolutely loved this subject! The coordinators were greats and the pracs were really interesting. I did this subject in person as opposed to the online version and found it to be super engaging and supportive. I found that the assessments were actually a little bit easier than PATH20003 despite being every week, because most were only partial reports and we didn’t need to write lab report books on top of the report. Overall I found this subject extremely rewarding and would really recommend.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

This subject is really good as part of the path major. The content is very easy to understand and the practicals itself were a breeze and enjoyable (if you have the right demonstrator). The weekly reports might be a little daunting at the start (especially if you were used to handing in one every two weeks for PATH20003) but you get used to it. The marking is also a little more strict compared to PATH20003 but the feedback is usually very comprehensive so it is possible to improve in them. Just make sure you pay attention during the pracs and draw down all the microscope slide images you need so you can finish writing your report sooner in the week (instead of waiting for the coordinator to upload the images since they usually take ages). Some of the diseases you study overlap with the PATH30001 subject which helps make the content a little more interesting than it would normally be.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This subject can be the best ever or a challenge, depending on your lab instructor, but, it is actually really light load, the coordinator is THE BEST EVER, and everything you need to know is in this wonderful lab book. Loved this as part of my pathology major!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

The prac reports are pretty hefty- 2000+ words with labelled histological pictures (especially if you leave them to the night before, like I think 90% of the cohort did), but otherwise it's really good. The pracs are really straightforward, a lot of looking at slides under the microscope (gets a bit boring after a while), a couple of more hands on ones including a murder investigation (don't forget to bring along your CSI puns that week), and no prac exam. No proper exam period exam either, just one 25% test on the last day of semester which was a bonus. My demonstrator was great, and the lab had a really relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere unlike most prac subjects. Works really well with the Path lecture series to help consolidate those lectures.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014