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Scored 39/40 -World Music Choir Final 40% Listening Test Notes

I took this subject in Semester 1, 2020, and scored 39 out of 40 for the final listening test. The...

15 pages, 5734 words

H1 (scored 95%) World Music Choir Final Listening Test Revision Notes

These notes are designed to be able to copy word-for-word during the exam. Incorporated all infor...

28 pages, 6772 words

90+ High H1 MUSI20143 World Music Choir Final Listening Test Note

A comprehensive note for the final listening test of MUSI20143 World Music Choir! I did this subjec...

19 pages, 3662 words

[H1 88] MUSI20143 WMC Detailed Notes + Full In-depth Genre Analysis

Detailed H1 notes for World Music Choir lectures, with in-depth preparations for the two theory test...

32 pages, 8634 words

H1 World Music Choir Listening and Written Tests Note

Hey, guys! I took this subject because it is a fun subject, but the tests, especially the listening...

13 pages, 2668 words

MUSI20143 World Music Choir 1 Listening Test Notes

The Listening Test is the hardest academic part of World Music Choir 1 and should be studied for as...

7 pages, 1418 words

easy to Get H1 in Choir!

Start now to find a easy way to get H1 in Music Choir! This note includes all necessary concepts an...

7 pages, 1310 words

World Music Choir Listening and 2 Written Test Notes

All the notes you need for World Music Choir’s Listening and 2 Written Test. This notes is helpful f...

10 pages, 2235 words

Full Notes for 40% Listening Test

All examinable topics are included.

5 pages, 1640 words


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Would not recommend to those who have never learnt music theory before. The subject does teach you elementary level of music theory but the listening tests require you to identify and describe the harmony and melody which is a big challenge for the beginners. The quizzes are relatively straightforward but still hard to aim for 100%. Probably the most enjoyable part of the subject is the weekly rehearsal because by participating you get more marks :)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021


Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

not bad

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

This subject was the best so far out of all my breadth subjects. Firstly and most importantly I got an easy H1 without a final exam which is awesome. Secondly i learned a thing or two. So basically you go to tutorials where you re part of a choir and you sing. You have to volunteer to be a soloist to get a good mark and have to do the parts test at the end , where you sing along with 3 other people a whole song. 1 soprano 1 tenor 1 alto 1 bass. The first 2 tests are pretty easy to score well if you watch the lecture that prepares you for it. Joseph is awesome. Go to his consultations and ask questions. He can even teach you how to play guitar/piano if you re interested. The only slightly difficult part is the listening test. You have to listen to what he says in the last lecture carefully, ask questions and go to consultations to ask more questions. Learn by heart everything related to the songs from the slides. Write everything you know about the songs( and personal experiences too) and try your best. If you do all these you ll get a good mark. (H1) even if you dont have a perfect voice. Just be brave and show you re interested. Highly recommended guys, this subject is pure Gold.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This subject is really fun. And the writing tests are really easy, but you must prepare for the listening test, otherwise you won't do well. Also if you really want to do well, you need to volunteer to do a solo part in one of the songs or you must sit in the first row during rehearsals. But if you love singing this shouldn't be a problem.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

I did this subject because i heard it would improve my singing. However stay away from this subject if you can't sing in tone. I received a terrible mark despite some decent internal scores. when i asked the lecturer what i had done wrong, he told me you have to be able to sing well to do well.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014