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Product Management Exam Notes 2018

Written by Audi

This is Product Management 2018's comprehensive notes to prepare for the exam. It contains: 1. Grap...

32 pages, 8877 words

H1 MKTG30011 Product Management COMPLETE Summary Notes

Written by Kate

Comprehensive summary notes of lectures, including additional content from tutorials. Incorporat...

55 pages, 9045 words

Product Management Summary Notes

Written by Lewis

These are concise, easy-to-follow summary notes, which are ideal for exam preparation.

19 pages, 4175 words


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I am kind of disappointed in this subject. I thought it would be really interesting, but it turned out to be a real drag. The lecturer (IIkka) was a nice guy, but didn't explain concepts well, mostly briefly skimming them with the expectation of us reading the textbook (the textbook didn't have much explanation either). We had guest lectures from a company called Fjord which were interesting, but nothing came up about them on the exam. Content wise, there were a lot of very small concepts, nothing particularly important which made it difficult to narrow focus when studying for exams. Tutorials were not very helpful or interesting either. For the assignment, they didn't provide much guidance on the pitch which made it difficult to get a good grade. The second assignment, little guidance was given as well and it was hinted that we should actually make the product to get a good grade, which is demanding a lot for a subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

This subject has sessional lecturers which means they change often. For my semester, there were a lot of issues in general. 1. The lecturer was new so his lectures were dull, monotonous and disorganized. I was better off reading from the textbook for a deeper understanding. 2. Lectures were disorganized in a sense they were not in sync with our weekly case studies and it's unnecessary extra work to sort things out yourself 3. The textbook chosen, New Product Management by Crawford & Di Benedetto, is verbose in general. The author gives 5 examples to explain a concept but does not define the concept which is what you really need for finals. To make things worse, there isn't a glossary of definitions. 4. I've heard the reading material in previous semesters were more diversified whereas with this semester we just stuck with the textbook which made learning pretty static if you didn't google lots of stuff yourself (you have to anyway because the textbook didn't have half the definitions) 5. The assignment requirements were not defined very well which left unnecessary confusion and delay. 6. As a saving grace, I had an amazing tutor but he will no longer be teaching the subject. I recommend doing some background research on your future lecturer before taking the subject. (S)he may make all the difference.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

The subject was interesting, I think the marking of the assignments was slightly questionable, rather than mark the quality of the proposal produced, one tutor in particular marked based on her opinion of the product. The lecturer was good, the group assignments were quite lengthy.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015