Belch et al

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Advertising an integrated marketing communication perspective

George Edward Belch, Michael A. Belch, Gayle Kerr, Irene Powell

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George Edward Belch, Michael A. Belch, Gayle Kerr, Irene Powell

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George Edward Belch, Michael A. Belch, Gayle Kerr, Irene Powell

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H1 NOTES - MKTG30010: Advertising & Promotions Exam Preparation Notes

Written by Angela

I absolutely loved undertaking Advertising & Promotions in 2019 and achieved a H1 with these notes....

26 pages, 8833 words

✔ ULTIMATE H1 Summary (89%) ✔ MKTG30010 : Advertising & Promotions

Written by Ian

✔ Ultimate H1 Summary Notes ✔ (The sample is just thumbnails for preview, the actual note is in fu...

25 pages, 32801 words

(H1) Advertising & Promotions (MKTG30010) Lecture Notes

Written by Brenda

Advertising & Promotions lecture notes extracted from the lecture slides, supplemented with my own n...

57 pages, 10581 words

Comprehensive Easy-to-Read MKTG30010 Lecture Notes (2017)

Written by Andrea

Comprehensive summary for each lecture, complemented with explanatory notes and plenty examples....

58 pages, 14974 words

Section B: Exam Notes for Apple HomePod Case

Written by Himal

Brief notes on lectures and identified relevant sections from lecture slides that relate to the Appl...

19 pages, 3363 words

COMPLETE Advertising and Promotions Note

Written by Chi

COMPLETE MGMT30010 Advertising and Promotions Note! Detailed but summarized! Notes include inf...

40 pages, 7700 words

Advertising and Promotions Summary Notes

Written by Lewis

These are concise, easy-to-follow summary notes, which are ideal for exam preparation. Guest lect...

21 pages, 3908 words


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Despite having no expectations, this is one of the better Marketing subjects. Lecturer Danielle and tutors (I had Sarah) are helpful and are knowledgeable. Assessments were all very straightforward, however group assignment experiences will vary on your team members. Exam was also quite straightforward, given the previous years papers you can pretty much guess what the essay topics will be. Good/bad point is that quite a few lectures were not examinable, not sure what the point of learning them was. Textbook is not necessary for studies but is sometimes helpful.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Seems easy during the course but very hard to get high mark in exam.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Group assignment presentation was meh. Overall subject was easy to understand.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Awesome subject, great content, fantastic tutors and a highly valuable subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Great use of practicality and theory

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

Great subject! Danielle is an excellent lecturer and excites the students with lots of different examples of good and bad advertisements on youtube. The subject was fun although there is a lot of content to study for the exam.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015