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High H1 MKTG30009 Lecture Notes (2018 Sem 2)

Written by Andrea

Detailed and clear summary for each lectures, complemented with graphs, explanatory notes and exampl...

73 pages, 21853 words

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Notes (H1)

Written by Callum

This is a comprehensive guide covering all topics in Digital Marketing. It includes: - definitions...

30 pages, 6228 words

High H1 exam notes with diagrams and revision questions

Written by Ava

Here are the notes I made for digital marketing last semester. I made some diagrams and wrote some a...

34 pages, 11969 words

Digital Marketing Exam Revision Notes

Written by Himal

Covering ALL topics on the exam: - Internet Marketing - Strategy and the Internet - Web Analytic...

78 pages, 9300 words

Digital Marketing

Written by Meg

Full course notes for digital marketing including examples and application to the course. All defini...

47 pages, 9016 words

COMPLETE Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing) lecture notes (SEM 2 2017)

Written by Chi

Get ready for exams with these comprehensive set of notes! The exam tests on high level of detail so...

51 pages, 13108 words

Internet Marketing Summary Notes

Written by Lewis

These are concise, easy-to-follow summary notes, which are ideal for exam preparation. Guest lect...

17 pages, 3922 words

The lecture slides summary

Written by Zhongyu

The key points of lecture slides with my own understanding.

25 pages, 3239 words

Exam Revision Notes

Written by Wing Yi

The MKTG30009 notes are a written summary of the entire course including lecture materials and relev...

35 pages, 10430 words

Internet Marketing Course Summary (2015 sem2)

Written by Jane

Sold more than 50 notes in the past! I have put the lecture slides together into this amazing fil...

44 pages, 13686 words


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It's interesting and quite a useful subject but to be honest i don't think i've learnt a lot doing this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015