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High H1 Digital Marketing Exam Notes including Practice Exam Q&A

- Received 90+ in the subject. - Notes are super concise and includes all topics from lectures vir...

112 pages, 33198 words

H1 [90+] Notes For MKTG 30009: Digital Marketing

This is the complete set of notes I've made and compiled specifically for the exam last year. Hence,...

67 pages, 14451 words

High H1 | Ultimate Digital Marketing Past Paper Q&A Notes

-Detailed and Highlighted Solutions -Tables and diagrams -Super Comprehensive Final Exam Q&A Not...

18 pages, 3254 words

High H1 exam notes with diagrams and revision questions

Here are the notes I made for digital marketing last semester. I made some diagrams and wrote some a...

34 pages, 11969 words


All 12 weeks have been covered in full. Clear, concise summaries with lots of definitions and exampl...

13 pages, 4000 words

MKTG30009 - Complete Course Summary

Provides a summary of all key topics in a table format, to help divide up the key components of the...

27 pages, 7259 words

High H1 MKTG30009 Lecture Notes (2018 Sem 2)

Detailed and clear summary for each lectures, complemented with graphs, explanatory notes and exampl...

73 pages, 21853 words

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Notes (H1)

This is a comprehensive guide covering all topics in Digital Marketing. It includes: - definitions...

30 pages, 6228 words

Digital Marketing Exam Revision Notes

Covering ALL topics on the exam: - Internet Marketing - Strategy and the Internet - Web Analytic...

78 pages, 9300 words

Digital Marketing

Full course notes for digital marketing including examples and application to the course. All defini...

47 pages, 9016 words


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(2020 Online-delivery - hopefully this year was just an outlier!) 2 hour lectures cut down to 40 minute lectures where nothing was explained properly. Vague instructions on assignments and exams. Exam was a strict word limit, referenced 2000 word essay where we got tested on topics we weren't even taught. Lack of resources and lack of helpful staff for teaching assistance. Not sure what I gained from this subject apart from disappointment and frustration.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

It's interesting and quite a useful subject but to be honest i don't think i've learnt a lot doing this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015