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Since the coordinators and teachers continued from Japanese 3 (JAPN10007), I liked how they listened to our student feedback at the end of semester 1 and adjusted the online structure for semester 2's Japanese 4. There's also a lot of teacher support on Canvas. If you have any questions regarding grammar or assessments, teachers are quick to respond. The content about honorific expressions and passive-causative form was explained in good detail and I found it quite challenging but it was incredibly stimulating. The assessments were manageable. The same advice applies to all subjects; start it early and grind away on it until it's due. In another mid-semester feedback, I could feel that the teachers were trying their best to help our concerns with our lacking conversation skills. If you want to improve speaking Japanese, I'd recommend looking for study groups on Facebook or something, because in all my Zoom breakout rooms we were either quite shy or only looking to do the textbook/slide's scenarios at the bare minimum. Oh, and the exam was so curveball. The exam format was completely unfamiliar compared to the topic quizzes' and practice exams', so haha good luck! Still definitely recommend doing the subject though!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

The cultural phenomena and writing systems we studied were incredibly interesting, and enriched my understanding of Japanese society and culture. The tutorials were helpful, especially the essay writing segments in tutorial 2. However, the peer review assignment was a mess. It took me way to long to read other people's essays because they hadn't put furigana next to the kanji we hadn't studied, and you couldn't copy-paste either. I think that's mostly to do with the people whose essays I received, but I think the subject coordinator should do more to fix these problems so we don't have to spend so long on other people's work. Also a few questions on the exam were very unfair and basically required a photographic memory of arbitrary lecture content. Luckily it didn't take away from the bulk of the questions that actually tested you on necessary skills and knowledge. For the most part though, great subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017