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1st year MSc in Chemistry / BSc in Chemistry (WAM:84) / $40/hr for comprehensive tutoring / Group tu...


Though taking a level 7 language class might sound intimidating, I found classes to be quite chill in this subject. Since you have a smaller cohort (we had ~80 students) there were lots of opportunities to interact with tutors and get individual feedback on our learning, which was not really the case for any of my other subjects. The assessment is really well structured (1 worksheet per week, 1 oral assessment, 1 essay, 5 small journals and 1 final exam), and forces you to work consistently throughout the semester, which as a chronic procrastinator I found really helpful. Etsuko was an amazing coordinator, so hopefully the person who takes her place next year will do an equally good job! The tutors and coordinators were very quick to adjust to an online environment during Covid-19, which really relaxed me as a student. Overall, I would highly recommend this subject if you wish to progress further in your Japanese studies at UniMelb, as it is well-structured and achievable to do well in if you put in the work.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020