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Famine Lecture and Tutorial Notes

Written by Ella

24 PAGES OF COMPREHENSIVE GEOG10001 NOTES Notes covering week 1-12 of lectures and tutorials

24 pages, 12618 words

Famine Complete Notes

Written by Jack

Full course notes for Famine: The Geography of Scarcity, including all lecture content. The notes ar...

25 pages, 6501 words


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This subject had really interesting content but my grades definitely suffered from having a disengaged tutor (wrote a pretty big complaint about him being late/letting us discuss questions and not talking to us though so hopefully he picks up his game) In semester 1 2016 the assessments were made up of three short essays at 600 words, which I found quite challenging to complete given the interesting and in depth information we were required to cover in them. i took this as a second year student and I don't know whether my tutor just marked harshly, but a lot was expected from mostly first years just starting uni.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

I was a bit iffy about this subject. Was my first semester at uni and I found it quite full on. It's a subject where you definitely have to keep up with lecturers and readings!!! Assessment was interesting but fair!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014