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FOOD30010 Comprehensive Notes (H1)

Notes covering topics: Water Protein Structure Protein & Water Interactions Protein Stability...

37 pages, 20284 words

Functional Foods: Complete H1 (85) Notes

H1 notes covering all the lecture and tutorial materials that are examinable. I have included import...

108 pages, 29924 words


FOOD30010 Functional Foods - Water; Proteins; Protein Hydration, Solubility & Stability; Physical Fu...

105 pages, 22958 words


- includes lecture summaries, colour coded sections, review questions

25 pages, 12943 words


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Awesome tutor || Homework helper || Cramming expert || PhD scholarship holder ** Learning is a...


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Hello, my name is Sharon! I graduated with a BSc Food Science from Unimelb in 2022. I averaged 86.5...


Very content-heavy and too much detail for a subject that's got no pre-requisites. Somewhat understandable since it's a third-year subject, but also a bit misleading. Do not take this if you're choosing it as a breath, unless you have a strong chemistry background or you're a food science major; btw it's def not a WAM booster. The content itself, however, is interesting and practical / applicable. Again though (even as a Bsci student), it's got a lot of information and I struggled quite a lot. Also don't know why a prev review said tutes are 20-mins, it's not. It's a full hour. If you don't keep up with lectures, you will 100% suffer and not understand what's being talked about (from exp).

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Bored the life out of me. Terrible assignments with so much content that wasn't taught.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

Pretty good subject. Mostly self-study, but they give you space (20 minute tutes; lecturer also sounds great when played at 1.5x speed so not time-consuming) to actually self-study so it's overall a pretty chill subject. But pretty educative as well, builds upon the previously learned knowledge (real-world application) from other food subjects & the prereqs.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019