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Concise H1 Notes for Food Microbiology & Safety

Written by Bob

These notes cover all key aspects in the course, based off the examinable learning objectives. Th...

26 pages, 7000 words

FOOD20006: Exam Summaries (H1)

Written by Chris

Extensive Summary Notes that will provide you with the information needed to get a H1 for this subje...

39 pages, 9536 words

FOOD20006 Food Microbiology and Safety Lecture Revision Notes

Written by Chu Yi

A complete, well-organised compilation of FOOD20006 lectures. Perfect for revision prior to exams a...

39 pages, 11240 words


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Definitely my favorite subject so far in my course. The head lecturer is extremely helpful and friendly with any questions and the assignments are easy to score for if you follow accordingly with the guidelines. The exam was relatively easy if you memorize well, and the practicals were interesting and the demonstrators provided a lot of help too! Highly recommend this subject to anyone that is interested :)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

This is a Fascinating and Easy subject, much easier than the other core Food subject in 1st semester Have to learn quite a bit of different microbes, but still better than other level 2 subjects

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013