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Final exam revision note

Written by Sophia

The plain text includes all major and minor topics (climate, geography, plate tectonics, etc.), whic...

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Hi there, this is Carol. I am a graduate of the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science d...


Cool combination of different areas of Earth Science, worth trying especially since you don't really get to do this at High School. I liked the lecturers, especially David Karoly and his section on Climate Change, and coordinator Anne-Marie Tosolini is very nice and will remember your name if you participate in pracs. Word of warning is that this is very different to usual science subjects; no equations or practice calculations to be made here, you've got to be prepared to understand broader concepts of how our Earth works instead. This was jarring for me, especially as a first year student new to Uni, but I'd encourage you to give this subject a go and try to get something different out of it compared to others. It's a wide world out there to learn about and you don't often hear of the cool things people study in Earth Science majors.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016