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Systems Modelling and Design - Course Summary

Written by Jonathan

Full course summary for the subject 'Systems Modelling and Design'.

43 pages, 8945 words

Semester 2 2018 - H1 grade (86 overall) - ENGR30003 Systems Modelling and Design

Written by Chris

The note summarises main points in every section, high quality and neatly presentation. Good for pre...

56 pages, 8574 words

Semester 2 2018 - H1 grade (86 overall) - 2 page concise version

Written by Chris

*** Lastest version in 2019 **** *** Also suitable to use as cheatsheet *** Summary the all part o...

2 pages, 4789 words

H1 2018 Sem2 Exam cheat sheet

Written by LU

Including: - Site Investigation - Soil Profile - Water & stress in soil - Capillary - Darcy's...

2 pages, 3485 words

H1 - Exam Cheat Sheet

Written by Shane

Engineering Design Process GEOTECH SITE INVESTIGATIONS Preliminary site investigation Main Sit...

2 pages, 2647 words

H1 - Semester Quick Study Notes

Written by Shane

2 Engineering Design Process 3 Need 3 Goal Specification of specific tasks 3 Divergent Phase 3...

25 pages, 2108 words

Systems Modelling and Design - A4 Summary

Written by Jonathan

A4 summary (two pages) for the subject 'Systems Modelling and Design'.

2 pages, 1959 words


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The delivery of this subject is terrible and poorly coordinated and not much new content is taught. Design project is heavily dependant on past knowledge from Earth Processes and Fluid Mechanics. Assessment for this subject is split up into 3 parts. Design Project (50%, hurdle), Lab report (5%), Workbook entries (5%) and a final exam (40%, hurdle). They release the assignment in the first week of the semester so work on it consistently and try not to fall behind. Overall I would say getting a H2A is not difficult at all. You can easily get a H1 for the 50% design project if you work on it consistently.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019