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✔ Complete H1 Summary Notes ✔ COMP10002: Foundations of Algorithms and C

This note set covers the full subject of COMP10002 – Foundations of Algorithms for the 2020 Semester...

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*COMP10002 Complete & Unabridged Notes (H1)*

Unabridged notes on the whole Foundations of Algorithms subject. Includes summaries of self-research...

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A definite step up from COMP10001. Learning C is a whole different experience in coding and can be a bit confusing especially with pointers. I found the lectures a little bit pointless but the textbook was a godsend. If you are type of person that can learn from the textbook I would honestly suggest just doing that as the questions at the end of each chapter are a great way to test your understanding. Just spend a lot of time on the projects and the exam isn't that bad

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2022

Grade: H1 80 This subject is a huge filter subject for the computing major, and it serves that purpose pretty well. The first half or so is pretty chill actually, with you just learning the C language. The first quiz was pretty easy too, and the first assignment was also very easy, with students getting pretty good marks. But after the first half, the subject turns to a new level in terms of difficulty. The lectures cover topics that are a lot more difficult, going over new data structures like trees and tricky looking sorting algorithms. Its absolutely imperative that you don't find yourself in a lecture backlog with this subject, because at least for us, the second project required a pretty intuitive understanding of a set of 3 or so lectures, and if you didn't have that understanding because you are behind, then you were absolutely dead when it came to passing the project. The second project was way more difficult than the first, making you code an algorithm to solve a board game. It was doable, but I found it tricky and spent a lot of time on it, unfortunately. However, the nice thing about doing this subject sem 2, is that it allows you to be a bit more chill about the exam since it is a 50% exam, and if you had done well in the projects and quizzes, you can get away with a good score without having to try insanely hard on the exam. This is because half the exam is pretty easy questions, another 20% or so is medium difficulty and the last 30% ranges from hard to impossible. As for teaching, Alistair is a great and engaging lecturer, and he thankfully injected some fun and amusement into an otherwise tricky subject. Artem was also good. This subject is a hell of a step up from COMP10001, especially if you are like me and never really coded before uni, so be prepared to struggle and be moments away from a mental breakdown because you hadn't attended a workshop in like 4 weeks, and vaguely attempt like 1 or 2 questions that are provided to you, because you are too busy catching up with lectures. If i do have some advice though, it is to get the textbook for this subject in winter break and start reading it and doing problems. That is the one regret I have, because if I had did that it would have saved me some significant pain. Overall I still give 4 stars because it was a well ran subject, just one that I found really tricky.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Jianzhong was a very knowledgeable but somewhat dry lecturer. Alex was a great tutor though, and honestly if you get a good tutor like him you probably learn the same amount by just going to the workshops as you do with the lectures. Definitely a step up from COMP10001, but Jianzhong's assessments were quite fair and straightforward. Not a bad subject, but not quite as fun or engaging as COMP10001 either.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

This subject is very fundamental, but not as easy as you thought. New concepts introduced and are different from COMP10001. It is extremely important to practice often because the quizzes and final exam have limited time and you need to think fast. Overall, not an easy H1, but an enjoyable subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Really liked this subject, though it's obviously a step up from COMP10001. I didn't end up going to half the tutorials, which tbh I somewhat regret as my tutor Alex was awesome. The assignments can be challenging at first glance though work through them and you start understanding it's easier. The most technical things in terms of programming you'll do are linked lists and learning about pointers, which are essential for the next algorithms subjects (COMP20003 or COMP20007) whichever you pick. I found Jianzhong to be a good lecturer, provided some laughs and was good in the sense of explaining how things worked in the C language. As it is an introductory subject to algorithms, you learn only the standard few sorting and searching algorithms. For more, do the next algorithms subject, which is MUCH more interesting in that regard. Overall, I liked this subject if at times was a bit confusing. I would recommend doing this subject when Alastair is the lecturer if possible, he's a god though I had no regrets taking it while Qi was lecturing. Good subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

a very fundamental subject, that is extremely important to become a good programmer. becoming good at algorithms is going to help you immensely in building applications as well as coding interviews. Jianzhong was a good lecturer, and allistar's book is the bible

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Really loved Artem and Alistair as lecturers for this subject. The assignments took SO much time, felt a bit much for 15%, but I did well, so it felt worth it. They were quite challenging, but hard work was reflected in the grades. I lowered it one star because I did well throughout the subject (90%) but somehow wound up with a 73 as a final mark. Thought I was prepared for the exam so I wish there would have been better exam prep throughout the semester/end of semester. Hoping to get some clarification when I can view the exam next sem.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Definitely do this subject if you want to lower your WAM :) Content of subject is interesting overall, assignments are very time consuming/ challenging and the tests are also extremely difficult. Pro tip: Buy the textbook and read it

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Definitely do a lot of practice in order to do decent/well in the subject. It's very easy to fall behind if you don't keep up with the lectures. Go to the workshops even if you have missed lectures as the tutors do a summary of the week's content (not sure if all tutors do this but mine did). Make the most of the assignments to boost up your overall grade. C is quite different to python so be prepared to do a lot of work.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018


Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017