Scott Lillienfled, Steven J. Lynn, Laura L. Namy, Nancy J. Woolf, Graham Jamieson, Anthony Marks, Tony Marks, Virginia Slaughter, Alex Main

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Lorelle Burton, Drew Westen, Robin M. Kowalski

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PSYC102 Textbook Reading Summaries

Written by Ashley

Complete subject summary by key concepts from each textbook chapter reading. Topics covered: 1....

90 pages, 34069 words

PSYC102 summaries

Written by Bec

The notes consist of chapter summaries and definitions for each topic learnt from UNE PSYC102.

24 pages, 8091 words


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- Graduated with First Class Honours in psychology (Average mark: 90). - Published in leading acade...


Loads of reading, great comprehensive introduction you get far more than you bargain for.

Anonymous, Trimester 3, 2017

Same as PSYC101, just more of it. Same textbook too. Don't bother with lectures if you're pushed for time -- the textbook readings are what will set you up for the assessments.

Anonymous, Trimester 2, 2016

Another informative class that introduces a range of concepts from statistics to mental illnesses that really opens our eyes to the diverse and complex world we live in

Anonymous, Trimester 2, 2015