Martin Davies, Ian Malkin

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David Hambly, Kylie Burns, Joachim Dietrich, Neil Foster

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Andrew Clarke, John Devereux, Julia Werren, Jennifer N. O'Reilly

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Torts: A Practical Learning Approach

Clarke, Devereux & Werren

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Torts I Problem Question Answer Guide

Written by Miranda

Includes answer skeletons including all relevant cases and points of law for general (negligence) ca...

6 pages, 964 words


Written by Nida

These are extensive notes from lectures and includes case summaries.

85 pages, 36623 words


$60 per hour

PhD student Medico Law LLB/LP (hons) I am an APD Dietitian registered with DAA. I have Masters of...


Julia is a fantastic lecturer!

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2014