R. Glenn Hubbard, Anne M. Garnett, Philip E. T. Lewis, Anthony Patrick O'Brien

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McTaggart, Findlay, Parkin

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ECON101: Introductory Microeconomics Notes

These notes are a comprehensive summary of ECON101 compiled from lectures, lecture notes, and textbo...

70 pages, 25271 words

Easy to follow

Notes from the lecture slides Under the correct learning objectives Graphs off the lecture slides

79 pages, 12400 words


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Hardly any interaction with lecturers. Mostly based on the textbook and very intense for a first year unit.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2020

Not a lot of interaction, even for an online trimester 3 unit, but well spaced out quiz assessments made it easy to go at your own pace and the exam held no surprises. A bit dry and a lot of textbook learning.

Anonymous, Trimester 3, 2017

The workload for the course was massive compared to previous units I have completed. The theory on microeconomics is actually really interesting, however the delivery of the course makes it hard to understand and unenjoyable. I used external resources to learn the subject and just passed.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2018

A difficult, but very interesting units that gives business students great insight into microeconomics. Assignment and especially the final exam were disproportionately difficult. Overall, this unit was difficult, but highly relevant to business students.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2018

Very hard unit to learn, lecturers weren't very helpful at all

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2018

Hated it from start to finish, lecturer was awful.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2017

Lecturer did a good job of covering the material.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2016

Not my fave subject, but good support for external students and great access to past exam papers.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2016

Great start to economics. Half the unit covers what was covered in HSC economics.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2013