I'm a Griffith student studying Health.


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Hi there, I'm Jess, I'm an Undergraduate student at Griffith, quickly approaching the end of my degree. I am studying the Bachelor of Psychology (honours) and plan to follow up with a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology as well as another Bachelor's Degree in Neuroscience (it's a lot but I'm very excited). Since starting university, I have been developing my own study routines, methods and tricks that not only help me manage all the content the trimester throws at me, but also organisational methods to keep everything under control. It can be awkward meeting new people, especially in university. I also understand that everyone learns differently and benefits from various learning environments. I like to offer people the option of tutoring online via Discord, Zoom, and/or Teams, as well as face-to-face tutoring. Both of these methods not only offer options that may suit various preferences but also the flexibility to work around class, personal lives and work. I like to give people the option also have 1-on-1 tutoring or to study with a friend. My rates are as follows: $35 an hour for 1-on-1 tutoring $45 an hour for 2-on-1 tutoring (plus $10 per extra friend, up to 5 people) $60 assignment revision with comments and notes $80 full assignment revision with comments, notes and detailed edits. Includes 1-hour sit down to go over assignment. If you have any questions or need a little guidance through content, assignment or just getting organised, I encourage you to reach out.