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▪Free trial session available. ▪Qualifications: Master’s in Pure Mathematics; over 8 years of tutoring experience, including 4 years as an official University of Melbourne tutor, published pure mathematics research ▪Experience: Tutored over 30 separate university maths subjects. ▪Full-time tutor experienced in marking exams and assignments. ▪Booking: Easy online scheduling. ▪Over the last year I have developed a totally new system of note-taking and tutoring that makes my tutoring extremely efficient Contact me for rates and information, or book directly at calendly[dot]com/realmathstutoring. == About Me: == As a dedicated full-time tutor with a Master’s and honours degree in pure mathematics, I've spent over 5 years helping students from various backgrounds achieve their maths goals. My journey from nearly failing high school maths to excelling in university has given me a unique perspective on learning and teaching maths. I'm passionate about making maths accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their initial skill level. == My Approach: == ▪Personalized Tutoring: Tailored sessions to fit your unique needs, whether it's pure theory, exercise problems, or past exams. ▪Engagement: Strategies to keep you actively involved, aiming for a 40:60 student-to-tutor interaction ratio. ▪Comprehensive Understanding: Multiple methods to explain concepts, including visual, real-world analogies, verbal, and algebraic explanations. ▪Mathematical Language: Emphasis on both written and spoken maths to enhance understanding and comfort with abstract symbols. ▪Positive Environment: Building confidence and enjoyment in maths through a warm and supportive approach. == Why Choose Me: == ▪Extensive tutoring and university teaching experience. ▪Personal success story of overcoming mathematical challenges. ▪I have developed an advanced system of note-taking during tutorials that is efficient and helpful for the student ▪A strong belief in the potential of every student to excel in mathematics.



Exceptional tutor with a strong understanding of the topics, the relationships between concepts and on how to explain it well. Would highly recommend him for 3rd year math subjects! :)

Ash, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


I cannot recommend Blake as a tutor highly enough. As someone who hadn't done any maths for 5 years, and had only completed general maths in the HSC at that, I was terrified at the thought of university mathematics. I absolutely would not have gotten through the subject without his support. His knowledge and understanding is exceptional. Yet, it really is his teaching style that allowed me to grasp the content. Any knowledge gaps I had, he was able to go back and provide context for, allowing me to understand the current topics (I may have even ended up enjoying some of the content). The techniques and explanations Blake introduced to me were invaluable. I was able to build my confidence in a judgement-free space; something I hadn't found at learning support centres at Uni, ultimately allowing myself to engage in the concepts. He really turned a subject I had been dreading my entire degree, into an enjoyable one!

Isabella, StudentVIP member
since January, 2021

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