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Hi there!

I am a Bachelor of Electrical (Honours Class 1) and Master of Biomedical (Excellence) graduate from UNSW!

I have been tutoring higher school education (Mathematics Extension 2 and Physics) since 2012 and have experience lab demonstrating courses such as ENGG1000 and ELEC1111. I am also able to teach MATLAB programming.

I believe teaching and tutoring is about empowering the students to learn themselves and take risks, whilst I provide them with the necessary resources and careful guidance. I have the know-how (having achieved a marks of 86-96 in the listed subjects), the patience and experience to help you succeed.


English, Sinhalese


Sudam has been helping me with digital signal processing, MatLab and Python. He is always well prepared for our sessions and clearly spends a lot of time beforehand going through the material I have provided to him and is ready with explanations of difficult concepts. He is very patient and is able to explain complex ideas clearly and in a way I can understand.

Sian, StudentVIP member
since July, 2017


Sudam has helped me a lot with both math1131 and math1231 when I needed it the most. University has been a struggle overall especially as a first year student, but I have achieved things I would not have achieved back in year 12 because of his help.

Taeshun Benjamin Ling-Kit, StudentVIP member
since June, 2021


Sudam helped me with MatLab programming, which I needed for digital signal processing, he was great tutor, explained patiently till I could understand, helped me improved my knowledge.

Yamin, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017

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